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Newsletter 48: Brains, Indigenous surveyors and rainbows
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IWFM’s new Market Outlook Survey concludes EDI is on the up
The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management has recently launched their 2024 market outlook report, where I helped to analyse the EDI results. With 53% of respondents looking to increase their focus on EDI in the next 12 months, there is a positive outlook for the industry.

The majority of respondents said their organisations had an EDI action plan in place and that WFMs have been involved in creating the plans.   

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Michael Manikas FRICS: Australia’s Indigenous ambassador
Modus profiles Michael Manikas FRICS, Australia’s first Aboriginal fellow surveyor and a long-time champion of construction as a career choice for Indigenous populations

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Navigating mental health and facilities management | a moment in time
Andrea Donaldson-Smith discusses the connections between mental health and facilities management.

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Neom | Reported killings ordered by Saudi met by silence from civil engineering firms on project
Construction at any cost?

How can companies claim to be leaders in the diversity and inclusion space in the UK, whilst also turning a blind eye to human rights issues on projects overseas?

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Queer Perspectives on Public Space | Arup

‘Queer Perspectives on Public Space’ offers actionable recommendations to foster the creation of inclusive and welcoming spaces for intersectionally diverse communities.

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Research has shown that racial discrimination and trauma impacts the brain, for example activating parts of the brain to try and suppress emotions. This brain energy usage takes away energy from other parts of the body, and can accelerate biological aging.

Another reason we should be ensuring that institutional racism is eradicated.

Autistic employees more likely to speak up about workplace issues,
A study published in Autism Research reveals that autistic employees are more likely to report workplace issues compared to nonautistic counterparts, suggesting neurodiversity as a workplace asset. The research, involving a survey of employed adults, highlights the unique perspectives and proactive approach of autistic individuals in organisational settings.

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Gender stereotypes are discouraging men from taking paid parental leave, a survey has found, making it harder for Australia to close the gender pay gap.

Nearly half of LGBTQI+ workers face discrimination
June is Pride Month (I'm sure you've seen many company logos turn rainbow), Randstad have launched the findings of their LGBTQI+ inclusion in the workplace survey undertaken in 7 countries including UK and Australia, and it does not make good reading. 

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"Nearly all Gen Zs and millennials want purpose-driven work, and they are not afraid to turn down work that doesn’t align with their values"

"Reasons for rejecting an employer or an assignment include factors such as having a negative environmental impact, or contributing to inequality through non inclusive practices, and more personal factors such as a lack of support for employees’ mental well-being and work/life balance."

If we are serious about attracting new talent to our industry, we have to keep progressing on inclusion issues, otherwise the skills shortage is going to keep getting worse.

The built environment should be a space for all to feel welcome and belong - what does that look like for LGBTQ+ professionals?

This  RICS podcast episode covers:

- The importance of bringing your whole self to work
- What employers and colleagues can do to create safe environments
- The solutions to educating professionals on key inclusivity issues.